Capturing the Architect’s Voice

By recording conversations with architects at various stages of their individual careers, this project proposes to assemble a collection of interviews with the community of Virginians who earn their livelihood by designing buildings, as well as those who collaborate this work, such as engineers, developers, and preservationists. Interviews are conducted with architects of different backgrounds and experience, ranging from students currently in architectural school, to those in the early stages of their practice, to mid-career architects and those who have retired from the profession. The result is an oral history archive that captures the myriad experiences of this unique community. With the sponsorship of AIA Virginia, this project seeks to record the lives of architects who practice architecture in Virginia today.

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Interview Samples

Interview With Burt Pinnock, FAIA – September 20th, 2019
Interview with Will Scribner, AIA – September 13th, 2019
Interview with Joseph Yates, AIA – August 23rd, 2019
Interview with Amy Eichenberger, AIA – November 7th, 2019